About Us

Our Story 

After years of being unsatisfied with other holsters and having trouble finding holsters for some of our uncommon guns, we decided to create our own. We are a family-owned business operating in a custom shop with one of a kind tools. No other holster maker has the tools and presses we have developed.                  

Family/Law Enforcement Owned and Operated

We are located in Farmington, Utah, and have an extensive background in firearms training and years of experience in law enforcement. We know what works and what doesn't. We go through thousands of rounds each year through a variety of handguns. As individuals who conceal carry regularly, we have gone through dozens of holsters; we know the importance of comfort. We recognize that a holster must meet several safety requirements. Such as excellent tight retention that is adjustable, covering the trigger guard all the way and securely being fastened to a sturdy belt. 

If you are new to conceal carrying and have questions about what holster might be best for you, please take advantage of our expertise and contact us at info@upperhandholsters.com