Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Turn Around Time/ Lead Time?

We are proud of being able to custom make our holsters soon after an order is placed. We usually ship our holsters out within a 7-15 days after the order has been placed; in some cases, we are on top of things and ship holsters out the next day. On rare occasions, we can take up to three weeks to complete a holster. 

Shipping Costs?

We ship first class through USPS and UPS Ground and most orders arrive 3-10 days after shipping (when selecting flat rate shipping). We do have a Rush Option puts your order on the top of our list and upgrades the shipping to Next Day Air ($80) Current Lead times do apply to all shipping methods (with the exception of Rush orders)

I don't see my gun model listed?

Good question! Don't see your model listed, send us a message or contact us a and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


I don't like my holster, I want my money back!?

Don't like our holsters; that is fine; we allow 30 days for returns. If you don't like it, let us know if its something we can fix or send it back. If you feel there is an area we can improve, we are always open to suggestions to make our holsters better. All returns/exchanges on Holsters are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Shipping and Rush charges are not refundable. For full details please look at our current policy page.

Do you guys offer a police discount or military discount?

Yes, we do! We are currently offering a 15 percent off to any first responders and military members. This does include the often forgotten dispatchers as well. Send us a photo of your credentials with any sensitive information blacked out or a picture of yourself in uniform to, and we will supply you with a discount code.

Do you guys charge extra for colored Kydex or Carbon Fiber patterns?

No, we do not! Colors cost us a slight bit more, and carbon fiber pattern a bit more then that, however, do not feel the cost is so high it should be reflected as a difference in the overall price.

Do you guys make holsters for lighted weapons?

Yes, we do, we do not have every light option available but will work to acquire what we can, if you don't see your light/gun combo available send us an email. 

Do you guys make duty holsters or a level 2 holster?

We currently do not make any level 2 holsters or duty holsters for firearms. After research and testing a variety of level 2 holsters, we recommend Law Enforcement and Security Officers invest in a quality level 2 holster from reputable company's like Safariland for on-duty use.

Do your holsters have adjustable retention?

Yes! Most of our holsters are designed so the retention can be adjusted. Before each gun leaves our shop, it is tested for retention. Our test is relatively simple we hold the holster with an empty gun loaded with a weighted magazine in it upside down. We shake the holster, and if the gun falls out, we tighten the retention and repeat the process. After this, we place the holster on our belt and perform a few draw strokes; each draw should allow the gun to be removed from the holster with a firm quick draw.

If you find your retention is too tight, wipe the inside the holster down with some gun oil. If it's too loose, tighten the screw below the trigger guard.

If you continue to have issues with retention, contact us, and we will do our best to fix the problem.  

My holster doesn't look exactly like the one in the photo?

Each holster is handcrafted. Because of this, there will be small differences in the cut of each holster. If there is a problem with the fit or function of a holster, please contact us.