IWB Holsters

While we are known for our curved Outside the Waistband Holsters designed to make conceal carry more comfortable, as one customer put it, "you won't want to go back to IWB carry after trying our holsters."

We have made IWB holsters in the past, such as in the photo below. We stopped making them as they were not as comfortable and only had a minor increase in concealability. This doesn't mean we have stopped the search and design process for IWB holsters; we are constantly looking at ways to improve IWB carry and are working on prototypes and testing them against what we consider the best IWB holsters on the market.


UPDATE 8/6/2022

We are happy to report we have made some great progress with an IWB solution that adapts to our OWB holsters. Currently, they are in field testing, and our preliminary reports have been quite positive. We hope to add it as an option in the Fall of 2022.